Terms and Conditions

We are required by state licensing authorities in your state to inform you that falsifying state records is a criminal offense and a (Felony) and up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $10,000.00. By submitting proof that you took our state required training course(s), which is subsequently used for licensing purposes, you are unconditionally agreeing that the following statements are true and correct:

1. You, personally, studied the material presented in the course of instruction for the minimum amount of time specified. For example, a course approved for 24 hours of education must be studied for a minimum of 24 hours.

2. You, singularly, completed the comprehensive examination.

3. You are the named student in our records and are not taking this course for another licensee.

4. Any charges backs with your bank and or credit card issuer, after completing this course is considered an criminal act and will be prosecuted to the fullest by state law and may result in a (Felony) conviction.

As a safeguard against potential fraud and in order to provide you the convenience of this online format, we are also required to maintain training records and to conduct periodic audits to ascertain the identity of the person taking our courses for licensing purposes. Additionally, we must report all violations.

Thank you for your understanding and for allowing us to serve you better.

Loyd's Training Solutions, LLC